chandelier𝔉𝔞𝔠𝔢𝔰 𝔰𝔴𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔶, 𝔞𝔯𝔪𝔰 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔩𝔢𝔤𝔰chandelier
𝔚𝔥𝔞𝔱 𝔞 𝔤𝔩𝔬𝔯𝔦𝔬𝔲𝔰 𝔰𝔢𝔱 𝔬𝔣 𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔰 𝔴𝔢 𝔪𝔞𝔨𝔢

Dark Side Of The Web - Huge collection of links to Goth-related sites
This Endless Breath - Blog dedicated to lesser-known North American bands from the 2000s emo/post-hardcore/skramz scene
resistantx - The journal of a largely forgotten German school shooter with a killer (get it?) fashion sense and a love of crappy nu metal
Sophie's Floorboard - Probably the most well-known emo-related music blog
Fucked By Noise - Title says it all, really
Red and Anarchist Black Metal
Gothic Gardening
Academia Gothica
More Information On Goth
House Of Lost Souls
Scratch's Dungeon
Elliot Rodger's writings, videos, and posts
Dale "Skirtman" Miller
A blog I find interesting

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