"They don't think it be like it is, but it do." - Oscar Gamble


As someone who has been underweight, average, and overweight at different times in my life, I just want to say that skinny shaming is NOT the same as fat shaming and I'm sick of ~naturally skinny~ bitches saying it is. Before you come at me with the "curvy is the new beauty standard", I can assure you that it's not. Social media is not real life. Skinny is the beauty standard and always will be. If you ask literally anyone whether they would rather be skinny or fat, they will say that they would rather be skinny 100% of the time. "Fat" will always be used as an insult. No one will ever say "you look fat" as a compliment. Nobody ever develops BED as a result of being skinny shamed, but thousands of people have developed anorexia and/or bulimia (at least partially) as a result of being fat shamed. Look, Jessica, I'm sorry that your crush called you a twig in 6th grade, but it's not comparable to being treated like a subhuman. You have never had to settle for being "the fat funny friend" who is used to boost everyone else's ego and it shows.


This haircut. This fucking haircut.

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve overheard normies making “I didn’t know Halloween came early this year” jokes when I go out in public, and 99% of the time they’re coming from someone with this haircut. Every goddamn month of the year and every goddamn time they think they’re being original and clever. You’re not. If I had a dollar for every time someone made that joke or a variation of it I would be Elon Musk.

In a way, I’m sort of glad that this haircut exists because it’s like wearing a giant sign on your back that says “I AM A WIGGER DOUCHEBAG.” You always know what to expect. It’s actually insane how everyone with this haircut is like a clone that came out of one lab. They have no personality or opinions of their own, they use the same vernacular as everyone else with that hair (“LETSGOOOO”, “bruh”, “no cap”, “banger”, “slaps”, etc.), they’ll shop at the same stores and buy the same brands, they’ll be boring and hardly able to participate in a conversation because their entire vocabulary consists solely of undecipherable zoomer neo-jive, and they have zero critical thinking skills. They’ll be rude and not even be aware of it because they don’t even know what “rude” is anymore, they won’t listen to anything you say because they’re just waiting for your mouth noise to stop so that they can decide which overly enthusiastic reaction they can pull out of their ass to seem like a human being with thoughts and emotions. I go to school with a minimum of 400 kids that all look like this and it’s the creepiest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re all the same person. I can’t even remember any of their names because they are all identical. I have never seen a fashion trend that united asshole dudebros quite like this one. There’s also a female counterpart to these dudes, widely known as “hot cheeto girls.” We live in an age where self expression and uniqueness is encouraged, yet everyone looks the same and expresses themselves in the same way. It really boggles my mind.


I hope that every single person that unironically self-identifies as a "doomer" (except for Cal, you're cool) gets thrown in Russian prison so they get to experience the "kino aesthetic Soviet culture" that these Slavaboos always gush about firsthand. The same thing should happen to all weebs. No one who raves about "muh trad based and redpilled Japanese society" would last a day in Japan. They'll head over to the suicide forest faster than you can say "GIRUGAMESH!"

The same guys who make fun of "teenage girls who listen to (insert flavor-of-the-month pop music boogeyman) and think they're depressed" will immediately turn around and listen to their "12 Hours Of Slowed And Reverbed Russian Doomer Music" playlist that consists of the same 5 generic, derivative modern coldwave bands while whining about how they can't get a girlfriend because they're just so deep that no one understands them. Doomers are basically male NLOGs and wojaks are the adult equivalent of playing with dolls. Imagine being a grown ass man who unironically aspires to be like an MS Paint drawing. If you’re so sad, then just fucking an hero already and spare us the whining.


Fuck anti-fireworks faguettes. Everyone who complains about fireworks is a friendless loser who hates fun. The one night of the year when you can mess around with questionable explosives along with your neighbors and these pussies will literally call the cops on you because their heckin' pupperino doesn't like the boom boom noise. They probably fuck their dogs, that's why they hate it when the fireworks scare them off. And don't give me that shit about "muh veterans." Almost all of the "PTSD sufferers" I've met were full of shit wellfare queen junkies.* Any sympathy I used to have for junkies is gone by now. Even "recovered" junkies are still degenerates. If anything, they're even worse. Great example of this is that guy who hangs out with Logan Paul, even off the drugs there's something cuntish about him, the kind of person who is quick to screw over friends for his own personal gain, maybe it's something there before the drugs that leads to drugs or the addiction phase burns that behavior into their brains, either way there's a reason why they say never trust a fucking junkie even when they've been sober for years. I used to know this ex-junkie youth counselor and you could just tell that he didn't believe a single word of the bullshit he spouted. Also, why do they all look like the same? They always look like they play slap bass and watch The Pickup Artist.

Anyone who claims some fireworks makes them flashback and freak out is lying their asses off. Real PTSD takes the form of nightmares that fuck up your sleep cycle or hypersensitivity at times (when I got institutionalized the one girl in the entire ward who actually had PTSD would have night terrors and wake us all up with her screaming), it's not thinking you're back in the 'nam or some shit. That's a retarded movie trope. Plus, I have zero sympathy for any zogbot who willingly goes to war. Boo fucking hoo, you killed innocent kids for your Israeli overlords and now you have twauma. If you're that stupid, you deserve PTSD.

*Expanding on this, I find it funny that there seems to have been a huge increase in the amount of women who claim to have PTSD in the past few years. Every chick I know claims to have experienced some sort of "abuse" or "trauma" and 90% of the time it boils down to "my ex called me fat." There's this girl at my school who claims to be traumatized because her friends talked behind her back in middle school. Bitch, I literally got physically attacked and was constantly being threatened and intimidated in middle school and I still don't claim to have "trauma" because of it. Like Crash so eloquently said, it's a way for them pretend that they're interesting without, y'know, actually developing a personality.


Does this section need yet another rant about a musician? No. Am I going to post another rant about a musician? Yes.

Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you've heard of the recent controversy about Billie Eilish mouthing the lyrics to Tyler The Creator's song "Fish" when she was 13. Why the fuck are people mad at a 13 year old girl for mouthing lyrics that a grown ass man wrote? Not to mention the fact that the song itself is literally a rape/murder fantasy. This dude's entire shtick up until relatively recently was "Haha, I'm a psychotic rapist except not really JK, I just hate women LOL." Then he drops Flower Boy and suddenly every art hoe on the planet is bumping his shit? This dude said the word "faggot" and variants of it a total of 213 times in Goblin, but he rebrands as some sort of sensitive bi softboy and it's all cool? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for Tyler to be cancelled. I despise cancel culture. I'm just curious as to why the same people who are willing to cut a guy who is/was openly racist, sexist, and homophobic some slack while actively trying to ruin a teenage girl's life over the dumbest shit. I swear to god, Billie is like the new Britney Spears. I think her music is trash, but why the fuck do so many weirdos want to tear her down through any means possible? I wonder who - or rather, (((who))) - she pissed off. Who has access to her boyfriend's FaceBook posts from like 2010, and why? This all feels very calculated. It seemed to have happened virtually overnight. What is it about her that makes tween Redditors go into a blinding rage? First there was all of those memes about "14 year old white girls who listen to Billie Eilish", then there was the body shaming, now this. The last time I remember this amount of hate and vitriol being directed towards a pop star was when Justin Bieber was big, and that feels like ages ago.


I hate that fat fuck Sewerslvt and his retarded pleb fanbase. He's really no different than all of those cringey faceless YouTubers like Dream and Corpse Husband (remember him?) who are all obese in real life. How many derivative drum and bass albums will this autistic weeb manchild shit out before I stop hearing about him? Every few weeks he types out some melodramatic sob story about how he's going to quit music because of haydurs and then he's back at it a month later. Bitch, you literally named yourself after a Japanese schoolgirl who was raped and murdered. Stop making yourself out to be some sort of victim when people call you out on your bullshit. I'm sick of opening YouTube every day and seeing his latest single "Tortvred Avtogynephelic Hatefvck" in my recommendations. I'll admit it, I'm a basic bitch, I was bumping "Mr. Kill Myself" when it came out. It's got that grimey, gritty, Hotline Miami "shooting up in the corner of a strip club" feel to it. It was kind of refreshing in a way to see a troon making such overtly negative music after that whole wave of awful, weirdly nihilistic "hyperpop" trash. But he just keeps making the same song over and over again, and it's played out.

His stans seem to think that he's invented a whole new genre because he makes generic liquid DnB except he glorifies pedophilia and suicide so it's different for some reason. You can just tell that they're all literal children and this is their first exposure to anything other than what their dad plays in the car on the way to school. Most of them don't even know who Goreshit is. For real, this guy will just loop the amen break for 7 minutes in Garageband, sneak in some ~transgressive~ sample from a LiveLeak video, slap some reverb on it, and call it a day. He piggybacks on his vapid "edgy" aesthetic and uses his identity as a shield against any criticism. For some reason his music really seems to resonate with a certain type of people. The kind of kids who listen to Sewerslvt nowadays are the same kids who would've been listening to nu metal if they were born 20 years earlier. And like with nu metal, it's not about the music. I swear to god you could put an sad-looking underage anime girl on the cover and troons on RYM would eat it up.

This shit is why I unironically have more respect for NPCs who just listen to whatever is on the radio than I do for "experimental" music fans. Aesthetics matter more than music to the avant-teen. Why do you think they exclusively listening to Jap music? There's a huge overlap with weebs. All of them listen to same handful of bands and all of them think they're unique. Their taste seems like it's ripped directly from the Merzbow copypasta. No, Trustafarian #201827, I do not want to see your Topsters chart. No one wants to see your fucking Topsters chart.


In today's episode of things that make me reconsider becoming a man-hating radfem, I just realized that there is literally nothing in this world that a teenage girl can do, say, or enjoy without being made fun of for it. Joja Siwa gets criticized for "dressing like a little kid", but Millie Bobby Brown gets criticized for "trying to look older than she is." If a girl consumes mainstream popular media, she's a vapid normie thot. If a girl consumes underground obscure media, she doesn't really enjoy that stuff and she's just a pretentious "not like the other girls" art hoe desperate for male validation. If she wears revealing clothes, she's a slut. If she covers herself up, she's a prude. Have you ever noticed how everyone hates fujoshis, but no one ever attacks men for liking yuri? I mean, is there even a word for male yuri fans? Why the fuck do gay men feel so threatened by a bunch of little girls who like to read about anime boys making out, anyways? Why is it that Demi Lovato shares the exact same gender identity as Ezra Miller, but no one ever makes fun of Ezra for being non-binary? They were born in the same year, 1992. And yet, no one has decided that Ezra has passed his prime years. No one makes "Ezra Miller needs to change his pronouns to has/been" jokes. In fact, Ezra Miller slammed a woman to the ground in a chokehold, but I see more people outraged about Lovato being mean to a small business than they ever were about actual assault that was captured on video. Almost like there’s some indescribable something that differentiates Lovato from the other two. Almost like being “non binary” doesn’t mean shit in the real world and the way people treat you will always revolve around you birth sex. Hmm…

Sometimes it honestly amazes me how fickle and weak willed men are. There was a huge thread on 4chan the other day where hundreds of men were talking about how radfems are based. You know, the same guys who talk about how all women are whores and deserve to be raped and killed. Why this sudden change, you may ask? Well, they found one (1) hot terve on Twitter. Literally all it took was a nice pair of titties for them to completely change their opinion of women. They don't give a shit about troons in women's spaces. They don't give a shit about women being abused or raped. They don't give a shit about any of the things that terves care about. All they care about is their penis, and now when someone who makes their penis hard happens to be a terve they all suddenly care about the aforementioned things. Hell, you could probably get hundreds of men to believe that the Earth is flat if you got some cute loli e-girl to spout Alex Jones propaganda and wear "flat chest" pun shirts.

Ironically, they have the same exact attitude about troons. They'll talk about how they want to curbstomp all of them but then someone will post an emaciated homo in a schoolgirl outfit and watch them start drooling like a bunch of rabid dogs. It all boils down to "I hate degeneracy, but only the specific type of degeneracy that doesn't make my dick hard." When men say "one of the good ones", what they really mean is "one of the hot ones." Notice how everyone knows who Blaire White is, but no one knows about Rose Of Dawn, Debbie Hayton, Miranda Yardley or any other uncle TIMs. Do you really think men would be transphobic if all troons looked like cute girls? This is why clown world is never going to end.

There's a sick sense of irony in the fact that the most well-known riot grrrl band in the world would've never gotten famous if the lead singer wasn't hot. There is nothing a woman can do that can't be sexualized by men, and there's not a single type of woman that can't be fetishized by men. Old women, young women, fat women, anorexic women, masculine women, hyper-feminine women, muscular women, lesbian women, bisexual women, disabled women, abused women, mentally ill women, Asian women, Jewish women, black women, white women, tall women, short women, alternative women, nerdy women - all of these are the subjects of thousands of men's kinks (also, this isn't directly related to misogyny but I just want to say that we need to bring back kink-shaming. I have no fucking idea how men wanting to beat the shit of women and women wanting to get beaten up by men EVER became normalized. In any other context, a man saying the idea of brutalizing a woman excites him would be shunned. But for some reason it's okay when it's a kink? These are not normal people feelings. You should be able to get an erection without making your partner LARP as a schoolgirl or rape victim. There is no such thing as a healthy BDSM relationship. Literally every single person who is into BDSM is mentally ill and I will die on that hill).


Am I the only person who likes androgynous men but hates "femboys?" I despise everything about them. Their shitty AliExpress maid costumes, their godawful personalities, their narcissism, and most of all the way they type. They write like the "Katy t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m" copypasta except unlike 2000s scene girls, it's not even endearing or cute because they're literally adult men. "uwaaaaaa! i~i let m-my boifwiendu do a cummy cum in my boipussi and he didn't wewaw a boicondom O//////O a-a-am I gonna get fagpreggers now?? i-i-is too young to be boimother >////< c-c-can i gets a boibortion? uwu c-can i pay my boincologist in boipuscchie-wucchie O////O p-perhaps I could offer him my tasty boimilk uwu o-or maybe i'll ask if he will accept a pint of my sticky boisyrup instead UwU!!!" Creepy, infantilizing, DDLG tier shit. They're like the male equivalent of pick-mes. Their whole subculture revolves around pandering to the fetishes of basement-dwelling neckbeards (don't even get me started on the weird Nazi larping. I can't think of a single femboy e-celeb who hasn't dressed up in a sus military uniform before. Neofolk ruined an entire generation of men).They'll always talk about how they're superior to those gross ugly troons but then they'll immediately hop on hormones the second they see the first sign of male aging. The entire aesthetic revolves around looking like a teenager. There's a reason they're called femBOYS instead of fem men. The more I learn about gay "culture", the more it sounds like pedo culture. In fact, if you've seen the new Blue's Clues LGBTHIV propaganda video (if you know, you know), there's a part where the characters are riding on a float painted with the MAP pride flag colors. They're not even trying to hide it anymore. Can we just admit that they DO want to indocrinate kids?!


Wake up, babe! New industry plant just dropped! Regretfully, I just listened to Olivia Rodrigo's new single. I was scrolling through the comments on the music video and it got me thinking. The sort of mentality displayed in this comment is a big reason why rock will never be truly popular again. Zoomers care more about an artist being “unproblematic” than they do about actual artistic merit. They’d rather have 10 million “we have Paramore/Avril Lavigne at home” pseudo-pop punk girlbosses than 1 actual rockstar who said the gamer word once or treats their groupies badly.

It’s amazing the way that zooms pick and choose the things they’re going to get annoyed at. Remember Tramp Stamps? They basically got bullied off of the internet for being industry plants, but the same people who attacked Tramp Stamps love Girl In Red, Clairo, Phoebe Bridgers, etc. All obvious industry plants.

It's so fitting that her profile pic is of a K-pop star too. You know, an industry that is known for abusing and sexually exploiting idols as well as pressuring them into developing eating disorders? Very unproblematic.


It's so funny to watch metalheads shit on bands like Korn and Slipknot for being "angsty teenager" music when all of their favorite musicians were rich white boys with a victim complex who never had to struggle a day in their life. Seriously, Euronymous was basically the 90s equivalent of a trust fund plant, a spoiled rich kid. Whereas Corey Taylor and Jonathan Davis actually had a reason to be angry - being molested as a kid is probably the most psychologically damaging thing that can happen to someone, period. Metalfags would make fun of someone like Rozz Williams for being a flaming homosexual. But whereas metalheads only sing about persecution from Christians, he actually lived it.

TL;DR black metal is for closeted self-hating homos who burned down churches because mommy didn't make them chicken nuggies and metalheads are basically no different than the Christcucks they claim to hate.


Modern Goths seem like the most insufferable and obnoxious creatures. They’re miserable, and not in a good way. Just look at r/goth or any online Goth communities. They spend all of their time complaining about e-girls and SoundCloud rap (even though SoundCloud rap has been dead for like 2 years now). The scene has always been inclusive/liberal, but now it’s gone full-on SJW. They deny there was ever racism in the scene (despite the aesthetic’s emphasis on European features like pale skin and straight hair) and even shit on hugely influential artists like Boyd Rice and Death In June for being “Nazis.” The girls in the scene are all BLM/ACAB coalburners now. Imagine having an entire subculture based around morbidity and then suddenly deciding that life matters because the media (who you supposedly hate) told you it did. If this is what’s left of the scene, I’m glad it’s dying. I’m curious as to if it was always like this, or it just got worse over time like everything has.

Also, can I just say I’m fucking sick of people getting told to “jUsT gO tO tHrIfT sToReS” when they ask where to buy cheap Goth clothes? If you live in a whitebread area like me, most of the thrift stores are shit. Just buy stuff on Ebay or Depop.


I keep seeing young girls online with photos of super skinny girls wearing crop tops and other revealing clothes as their profile pic. Maybe I'm too sensitive but this I feel like this whole "aesthetic" is just glorified pro-ana/thinspo. Notice how every time you see one of the pictures, the girl's face is never shown. Just her body. It's literally bodychecking.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that this aesthetic also tends to go hand in hand with DDLG and loli shit. Every single girl I've met who dressed this way (the lolita-adjacent style) had daddy issues. They fetishize looking petite and childlike. It's really no surprise that there's a huge overlap between pedos and anorexia fetishists. Creeps have always existed, but I feel like there's an entire new generation of women that actually pander to these creeps, and that's perhaps more sickening than the fact that they exist in the first place.


Out of all the disgusting strains of subhumans that have seemingly materialized out of thin air during this cursed past decade, there is one that inspires a sense of visceral disgust in me like no other. All the art hoes, e-thots, genderspecials, and hypebeasts in the world combined couldn’t possibly compare to the sort of primal rage that I feel bubbling up in me every time I have to look at one of these creatures. These are, of course, nu-males.

I remember I got flamed on Twitter for pointing that some chick who was hopping on the #MeToo bandwagon against a guy continued to support him years after the event that supposedly made her realize he was abusive apparently happened, and everyone who replied to my tweet crying and pissing their pants was either some generic e-thot zoomer cunt or a soi-guzzling faguette with a patchy goatee. I never saw a man with that shitty facial hair up until a few years ago. What is it that causes this phenomenon? Is there something in the water?

Why would any man become a “white knight”? What do they get out of it? They don’t seriously think that women are going to fuck them if they act like a spineless simp, do they?

Every time someone calls you an incel online, remember this is who you’re talking to. This is the face of a straight white male in 2021. It’s really no surprise that so many white chicks are dating/fucking black guys now. Say what you want about blacks but at least they have managed to retain their masculinity and haven’t fallen for the globohomo bullshit that whites push.


Why do women. Just...why do women.

Why are women seemingly incapable of taking responsibility for anything they do? A good example of this is all the women who date men who are obvious sociopaths and then cry about it when those men abuse them.

I knew this guy who was a legitimate psychopath - we're talking "I'm going to see this guy on the news one day" level mental illness, not just your generic garden variety edgelord. He was adopted - he was born in Russia, and his birth parents died in a murder-suicide. He was a cutter - but not a "boo hoo, poor me, look at my paper cuts" emo kid. This dude would cut himself so deeply that he would have to get stitches. He always wore a black hoodie, but those who saw him without said he had scars all over his arms. Somehow, this guy got a girlfriend. This girl thought she "fix" him. This seems to be a common theme among girls who simp for serial killers and school shooters. They think they can just fuck the crazy out of them. But love is not enough. You don't recover from that kind of childhood, regardless of what normies say, and no amount of affection can rewire someone's brain. Needless to say, one day the girlfriend called up my friend crying and saying that the guy abused her (I don't know the details). I do not pity these girls nor their "abusers" - you made your bed, now lie in it.

I'm not saying men don't also chase after women who are obviously mentally unstable too - the saying "Don't stick your dick in crazy" exists for a reason. But you don't see guys accusing their exes of abuse (that would be hilarious, though. I'm totally down with cancelling a bunch of art hoes and e-thots). Unlike women, most men don't try to paint themselves as a victim.

That Discord e-girl who got sliced up like a piece of ham is an example of the media infantilizing women in this way. Of course, they portrayed her as some sort of innocent angel, when in reality she was a junkie slag who would literally meet up with random men from fucking 4chan of all places for sex, and would blackmail older men with CP of herself for drug money. She befriended an incel for the sole purpose of essentially psychologically torturing him, constantly dangling the possibility of getting fucked in his face. He finally snapped when she invited him to a concert, only to show up with another guy and kiss her in front in him.

Also, you ever notice how sometimes the media just willingly ignores allegations against famous people if they don't fit their agenda? Micheal Gira from Swans got accused of rape, and yet the uber-woke Fantano indie crowd, the same people that immediately disowned Ariel Pink just for having a different political opinion, still sucks his pretentious dick. Brucelyn Jenner literally killed a guy in a hit-and-run. There's a media blackout over Biden, the literal president of the United States, and his accuser. Yet the Twitter mob has succesfully cancelled countless irrelevant and obscure figures. It's always the guys who are way past the point of relevance. This all feels like some sort of weird ritual for the elites.


Throughout history, there have existed a certain, shall I say, breed of men. They have spiky hair, dress like they are permanently stuck in high school (which, mentally, they are), and more often than not, they have some sort of disgusting facial hair, whether it be a creepy caterpillar pedostache or an appropriately devilish goatee. They've always existed in some form or another, but since the 90s they have dressed like this. With their baggy clothes and soul patches, they look and act like a Walmart Fred Durst. They are possibly one of the last remainders of the nu metal fad - living fossils.

It's been said that women dying their hair bright, unnatural colors is a form of aposematism. I believe that what hair dye is to art hoes, shitty facial hair is to douchebags. I call them "douchebags" for lack of a better word. One of the effects of living in a misogynistic society is that there are millions of derogatory terms for many different types of women, but there are only so many perjoratives and labels for men. It's a shame, really.

Today I re-watched Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (a classic piece of art hoe cinema) and I was rudely reminded of the existence of these specimens. In particular, it was the character of Patrick, the panty thief, who gave me Vietnam flashbacks to the waking nightmare that was my middle school experience.

I had this "friend" named Caeden. Of course his name was fucking Caeden. It's always Caeden, Ayden, Braydon. Never, ever, trust a guy with a name like that. Or a guy with a name that starts with a K, like Kevin or Keith. He was a pathetic creature, a tubby manlet with hedgehog hair. He always wore cargo pants, and a band shirt for some awful band like Avenged Sevenfold or Five Finger Death Punch. Anyways, me and Cayden bonded over our mental health issues - or rather, he took advantage of my vulnerability. He knew I would be sympathetic to his struggles, and so he used them to manipulate me. I remember when he found out I self-harmed, and he started doing it himself like a week later, even though I made him promise not to. He would pull me into the bathroom and show me his cuts. Almost like he did it just to spite me. I felt he was mocking me, like a child riding a bicycle and saying "Look Ma, no hands!." He would tell me all of the things people would say about me behind my back, and then tell me about how he was different, how he had my back and didn't hate me like everyone else did. At one point, he actually encouraged my girlfriend at the time to break up with me, which she did.

But that's not what I remember him for. I remember him because he dated one of the hottest girls in school. I was livid, especially because her friends would always say that me and her would make a cute couple. Although I've since gotten over my immature sense of sexual entitlement, I am still baffled as to why so many 9/10 chicks date these type of guys. What is so attractive about them? It's not their looks, and it sure as hell isn't their personalities. After seeing this story play out time and time again, I've started to think there is a grain of truth to the "women only want assholes" trope.


No previous generation even comes close to the amount of sheer apathy and cynicism that I see displayed in Gen Z. You average zoomer could make a beatnik cry. They have no hopes, no ambitions, no dreams. Sure, some of them put up a facade of caring about social injustices, but I bet if you walked up to any teenager right now and asked them what they want to do with their life, the chances are they'll just shake their head and say "I don't know." They have no long-term goals because there's no point in planning for a future that doesn't exist.

This ties into the whole transgender issue as well. In the 1981 film My Dinner With Andre, the title character says that "10 years from now people will pay $10,000 in cash to be castrated just in order to be affected by something." This is more or less what's happening right now - mass trooning out as a methods of escape. Digging beneath the surface, many of these supposed troons have deep underlying mental issues not related to gender dysphoria. Lurking on online trans forums, many of them, in particular MTFs, were abused as children. Some of them are incels/"failed males" that transitioned as a last resort. It's so overwhelmingly clear that Big Pharma is talking advantage of these vulnerable youth, but unlike previously overdiagnosed "trendy" ilnesses like ADHD, you're not allowed to speak out against it because it's not politically correct (even though this shouldn't be considered a political issue in the first place). Even doctors are literally not allowed to refuse HRT patients, because that are at risk of losing their jobs and being sued for supposed transphobia.

When you look at FTM detransitioners, a common theme is them realizing that the world is far kinder to women than it is to men, and realizing that they can't handle actually being treated like a man. I never had that sort of privilege in the first place. Growing up, I wasn't shielded from the real world the way so many of them were. In a way, I was always treated like a man. I was isolated from the start, people treated me like shit regardless of my gender presentation. Women have more privilege where it actually matters - their emotional and social lives. Women seem to feel stronger emotions and their lives have more color and depth, men's lives just seem like a complete hell. Their friendships are usually toxic, they have less social freedom and are more expected to play a role, they can't express certain emotions without being "gay" or "weird" which has an overwhelmingly more negative connotation for men than women. Women have a much larger degree of freedom. But I never had friends growing up, I never had "the female experience."


Why do all these "alt" kids from Tik Tok have the exact same taste in music (and pretty much everything?). Why don't you go to Hot Topic and buy some originality, you vapid cunts? Even their gender identities are a trend. If I see one more chubby blue-haired they/them 14 year old, I'm going to commit 41%. Notice how it's always the girls, because they can get away with it, whereas being a gender non-conforming male is social suicide. That's why I have way more tolerance for AMAB enbies - look at Genesis P-Orridge, that guy/chick was a genuine weirdo. That I can respect.

I can't fucking stand this new trend of Aydens calling themselves "gay men." Every time I see someone with "gay man" in their bio now, I assume it's some chick with short hair. All these ~uwu valid~ trenders make me want to fucking puke. And don't you fucking dare tell me that I'm not allowed to be angry about this, that I'm a big meanie twansphobe, because it makes me mad to see a bunch of white girls using an aspect of my identity that has caused me immense pain as a fashion statement. Gender dysphoria isn't a personality trait, it's a fucking mental illness. You know what? I'm just gonna say it. If you don't have dysphoria, and you consider yourself trans, GO FUCK YOURSELF. It's okay to just be a tomboy. Just don't appropriate a disease for clout. I don't care if that makes me a "truscum", it's true.

Whenever I see another Tumblr refugee call themselves "emo", I have to stop myself from hulking out and going into a full-on psychotic unga-bunga caveman rage. You know the type. There seem to be a decent amount of them on Neocities but most of their websites aren't much more than a pimped out carrd.co page. Neopronouns, a kin list, a noun name, and a DNI list longer than Peter Steele's cock. Speaking of DNI lists, why do these people always feel the need to say "Do not interact if you are a Nazi/racist/homophobe/pedophile"? Do they really think there are a lot of Nazis, racists, homophobes, or pedophiles who use Neocities of all fucking websites? Hell, I have yet to even see a DDLG/kink website, and I'm the only truscum/transmed here that I now of. Also, stop calling yourself a gay man if you're a trender that doesn't even plan to transition. No gay man wants your stank ass manpussy, Aiden.

Anyways, about the emo thing. I have yet to see a single one of these so-called "emos" list Sunny Day Real Estate or Rites Of Spring as one of their favorite bands. You're not emo because you listen to MCR, and you're certainly not emo for listening to 100 Gecs. If anything, you're scene - the Gecs are literally just Brokencyde on estrogen.* You can be an obnoxious edgy cunt and wear terrible clothes without appropriating a subculture you know nothing about.

*You literally cannot refute this.


These are comments on an interview with Beth Thomas from Child of Rage, who severe behavioral problems as a result of being sexually abused from the time she was literally a baby. Normies are the real sociopaths for thinking like this. They don't want to admit being in the wrong. They would rather focus their attention on the side effects rather than the roots of the problem. Wouldn't you be the same way if your own father raped you? You wouldn't beat the shit out of a puppy and expect it to grow up to be a friendly dog.

Sometimes I just can't help but fantasize about killing them (normies, that is). Just walking into school and blowing away every NPC I see. The ones that just drunkenly stumble through life like a bull in a China shop, Are they to stupid to realize the damage the cause, or do they just not care? Either way, it would be so fucking cathartic. The ones that love to think they understand other people's feelings when they've never been in the same situation. Oh, and make sure to get all the catty women that claim to be "feminists" but will call other ones sluts behind their backs. I hate whores, but I hate pick-mes and "NoT lIkE tHe OtHeR gIrLs" types so much more. Look, Emily, we all know you're a cumdumpster for the entire football team, you might as well own it.


Words cannot describe the level of contempt I have for e-girls and Tik Tok's mass gentrification/appropriation of alternative culture. Every time I see some chick with BPD and split-dyed hair wearing a vintage band shirt for some edgy metal group, I want to bash their fucking face in. If any of these girls actually saw a guy who looked like that IRL, they would make fun of him and call him an ugly incel freak. Also, what's with these type of girls calling any man they don't like an incel? "Incel" has become an adjective nowadays. Anyone and anything can be an incel, even an inanimate object. Taxi Driver is an "incel movie." Radiohead is an "incel band." If you don't respect women, then you're an incel. If you respect women too much, then you're a simp. These terms have lost their meaning. Say what you want about incels, but I would choose them any day over these cookie-cutter whores. I honestly don't know what's stopping me from going full Elliot Rodger mode at this point.


Larry Brown's therapist was right. Life isn't for everyone. It took me a ridiculously long time to realize this, probably because I got meme'd into thinking that there was "nothing wrong with me" by normies.

The cold, hard truth is that normal people don't have to spend their every waking minute of their lives drugged up because they can't help but want to self-destruct when faced with the horrifying reality of their lives. Normal people don't have to "self-improve", because they don't need to. Normal people don't have to struggle to form healthy and long-lasting relationships, much less just survive. Normal people just follow their instincts, go with the flow, and life happens to them. Hobbies, love, success, career, family, friendship happen to them. Meanwhile, losers can achieve these things, but through a lot of hard work, planning and artificially forcing it. Always forced. Always fabricated. Never quite what you thought it would be.

Someday you'll be hanging out with Chad, and telling stories, and when you tell how you managed to get a girlfriend he simply does not get it. This is not at all his experience. He had to "work for it", as in he wore a nice shirt and got a haircut, but he never planned for it, he never trained for it, he never studied for it. Love happened to him, meanwhile you had to make your own love from scratch. This is the difference between normies and losers. You will never know how a winner feels, how it feels to relax, and let the flow of live carry you down the current, and just enjoy the ride. Always you will be swimming against the current, and always your successes will be made bitter by the pain in your heavy shoulders, and never will you find comradery among other "successful people" who simply didn't walk the road you did, and don't know it exists.


I've never been an anti-vaxxer, but there's no way in hell I'm taking the COVID vaccine voluntarily. They're clearly rushing it, I don't want to take a vaccine rushed out in a few months, that doesn't work like any other vaccine before, and whose manufacturer has been given legal protections in case anything goes wrong. I've read about the trials. As of December 9th, there have been 6 deaths from the vaccine. It makes you sterile (not that i care).

The herd mentality around the disease is spooky in and of itself. Liberals are all about questioning the government until it comes to the virus. Wear the mask, stay home, don't ask questions. If you dont even consider that there might be something sketchy after everything that been presented the last months you're either a paid shill or a true NPC. The fact they’re pushing the jab so hard for a disease with >99% survival rate says it all really.


I cannot describe in words my hatred for white liberals. These motherfuckers will call you a bootlicker on Twitter™ and then proceed to go home and watch CBS™ and perhaps relax with a nice cup of Starbucks™ coffee, before going to bed and wake up the next day to go wageslave at their job at Apple™. This is why Ted Kaczynski was right. God. I wish we could just go back the Stone Age.


So Ellen (now Elliot) Page came out as trans and of course, the straightoids are sperging out. Thousands of straggots on suicide watch, all because their precious tomboy crush decided to become a dickless manlet. You know, I talk a lot about hating women on here, but I hate men too, particularly straight men, precisely because of shit like this. FTM transition is only seen as evil because it's viewed as destroying a potential female breeder, and women must be protected. Straight men literally see women as fuck objects. They determine their worth as a human being by their sex appeal. They don't care about their mental wellbeing, they see them as walking vaginas. Lesbians/terves are guilty, too. I bet a large proportion of terves are lesbians who feel like the trans movement is stealing butch dykes from them.


Whenever I hear women complain about porn being "dehumanizing" to them, I have to hold back my laughter, because I know from first hand experience that women treat men who don't to live up their impossible standards (ugly men, short men, etc.) in the most dehumanizing way you could possibly imagine. I still remember the way Stacies would treat me at my old school. They're even worse than the jocks, because at least men will say that shit to your face. Whereas with the chicks, they won't even come near you. If you're not a Chad or at the very least a normie, they literally treat you like you have the plague.

I'll never forget the way they looked at me. This cold, reptilian stare. That stare alone was a hundred times worse than any slur or insult the jocks could come up with for me. They let me know I wasn't wanted, without saying a single word. You wanna talk about dehumanizing? That is fucking dehumanizing.


I'm getting real tired of this corona shit. I have a feeling that "the new normal" will never end. We'll never go back to normal. On another note, how come the same people who will call you a bootlicker for not supporting the riots (not that I don't support the riots, ACAB) are the same people enforcing "social distancing?" I literally can't think of anything less punk than wearing a fucking dog muzzle because the government told you to. Like, you people hated the government up until corona but now we're supposed to trust them?

6:00 pm

On an unrelated note, I think I've finally figured out why white girls so fucking dumb. It's specifically white chicks, too. When you look at obvious predatory rape schemes like NXIVM, they seem to almost exclusively attract young, mostly college-educated white girls.

It's because women in wealthy families are still raised as if they have no independence and then are given independence. They're protected, sheltered, guarded, and given everything. Then once they go out into the world and get to make their own decisions they have no discernment, no critical thinking skills, no experience, and no ability to manage their lives properly. That's why you get such an extreme amount of sexual experimenting, drug use, etc. Because they were given independence without any of the preparation men receive. Basically we still treat women like porcelain dolls on the top shelf but let them play with fire.


Why do normies act like the Columbine shooters were some sort of monsters? I mean, it's like kicking a dog and then being surprised when the dog bites you. Everyone who knew them says they got bullied (although thanks to Dave Cullen and his army of retarded stans, many believe otherwise). They literally had jocks throw cups of shit and ketchup-covered tampons at them. Watch this video, the girl literally says that Eric told her "this is all because people were mean to him last year." There's a reason they shot up that school. They didn't shoot up a gas station or their workplace, they shot up their school.

Think how many clones of Eric and Dylan are out there, probably browsing this very website, but because they haven't killed anyone and aren't famous, they don't get any girls. We all know deep down that women are attracted to murderers. I have to admit, it's pretty tempting. All you have to do is kill a few NPCs and boom, you've got a bunch of groupies who want to suck your dick, even if you're fuck ugly.

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